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June 24 Fort Lauderdale-Adult Divisios and Co-ed

Sat, Jun 23rd, 2018

Co-ed A

   Team NameStatusPlayers
Kasey Strauss/Dane LogvinPaidKasey Strauss
Dane Logvin
Mike Langford/Simone LangfordPaidMike Langford
Simone Langford

Co-ed AA

   Team NameStatusPlayers
Caitlin Laurence/Daryn FriedmanPaidCaitlin Laurence
Daryn Friedman

Women's AA

   Team NameStatusPlayers
Marcia Gallo/Simoni PhillipsPaidMarcia Gallo
Simoni Phillips

Women's AAA

   Team NameStatusPlayers
Carla Ananea/Julie SkipperPaidCarla Ananea
Julie Skipper
Piper Matsumoto/Alayna RyanPaidPiper Matsumoto
Alayna Ryan
Olivia Duval/Kylee WhiteleatherPaidOlivia Duval
Kylee Whiteleather